BLOG - eSigning - An Easier Way For Us To Work Together

BLOG - eSigning - An Easier Way For Us To Work Together

To make things easier and faster for you, Change Accountants is now using an eSigning system which allows you to electronically sign documents received from our office.

This will apply to all documents we usually send to you – tax returns, financial statements, wealth advice documents, applications forms, ASIC forms, anything at all.

This speeds up the entire document signing process, and also saves paper.

We’ve been using it internally in our business over the past 12 months and we seriously LOVE IT, and we’re sure you will also!

How Does It Work?

You receive an email from our eSign system. But now, there’s no need for you to print, sign, and post or email back to us your signed documents. You just log in and add their e-signature – saving you lots of time. You can log in using your phone, tablet device, or computer. It works on any system – Apple, Android, or Windows.

Nothing New for You to Install

eSign works from the browser on your computer, phone or device, so there’s nothing for you to install, and you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! It’s safer than your filing cabinet. Our eSign systems securely store your signed documents using industry-accepted standards and certifications. The eSign audit trail is legal proof of where and when and on what device you electronically signed your documents.

Compliant with the Tax Office and ASIC

eSign signatures are compliant with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and with ASIC, the Government department that is responsible for company documents.

What if I Need Help?

We realise this system is new and you may have some questions the first time you use it, so please feel free to ring our office anytime day or night on (07) 3226 9999 and we can talk you through how to eSign your documents.

Idea for You: How About Using eSign for Your Business?

If you send documents out to others to sign, you can definitely benefit from using an eSign solution for your business.

Our Technology Team have helped hundreds of businesses with eSign systems, online document systems, point of sale systems, scheduling and appointment systems, and they can help you. Contact Change Accountants & Advisors TODAY for a FREE QUOTE for your business!