Our clients are progressive thinkers. You're not looking for an accountant to 'just do your tax', nor are you looking for a typical product focused financial planner...

Our extraordinary accountants and wealth advisors can help you with: 

  • Fast & 100% Correct Tax Returns
  • Setting up a new Business
  • Reducing your Debt
  • Investing and Superannuation
  • Property evaluations for wealth
  • Getting into Financial Control

You want to work with a team of advisors who look at all aspects of your financial affairs in relation to your goals.

You’ll enjoy having a clear FreedomPlan™ document to keep you on track to achieving your financial and lifestyle goals.

Apart from the convenience of working with advisors who can help you manage all your financial affairs under the one roof, you’ll benefit from more coordinated advice. You see, it’s really important that your accountant and your financial planner, and anyone helping you organise loan, leases or insurances, knows the big picture of your financial situation.

Each affects the other.

For example, there are usually tax implications when buying or selling investments or assets, and there are risk management and accounting issues when getting loans and leases. And some insurances are tax deductible. When you use advisors in these areas from different firms or businesses, apart from the time and cost of organising meetings between the advisors, you get less coordinated advice and a fragmented overall strategy.

As a client of CHANGE you’re supported by a team of professionals across accounting, tax, wealth advice, loans and leases, asset protection strategy and business advice. Your team of advisors, because they all work together in the one open plan office space, communicate and coordinate advice for you really well, because we keep each other in the loop about what is happening in your financial affairs. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing. And that’s really important. You can’t have a coordinated and sound FreedomPlan™ without that. 

If you’re ready to discuss becoming a client, click here to request an appointment. If you’re not quite ready for that, dip a toe in the water and subscribe to our newsletter, read our blog, follow us on Twitter and get a feel for how we help our clients beyond their tax and accounting, to help them build and protect their wealth.

We look forward to inviting you on board as a client and to developing and implementing with you, your FreedomPlan™.