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Business For Good - B1G1

At Change, we not only want to Change your life for the better we want to help you Change the world.

Business can be busy, it can be fun, it can be exciting, scary, thrilling, engaging and it can also be for good.

What’s GREAT about this is that Business For Good doesn’t need to be hard, in fact you don’t have to do anything, we will do it for you.

Every time we do business we make a giving impact for you with the help of B1G1 (as you probably know, it stands for Buy One Give One or, as it’s more widely known, B1G1: Business for Good (

And it’s all about IMPACT

So …. What is a ‘Giving Impact?’

That’s really up to you and that is often the most fun part of our meetings and calls.

When you work with us, we work out with you how you want to make your giving impact.

Let me give you some examples.

You Can:

  • Educate a child in Cambodia for a year

  • Give a goat to 2 Kenyan Families to give them a sustainable income

  • Employ a cook in a nursery school for one month

and these are just 3 examples. There are many many more.

And how about this — you don’t have to do anything! It just happens because you’re part of CHANGE and because we’re part of B1G1.

We want you to be IN business for good and to DO business for good.

Timothy Munro Change Accountants