Meet the Team


Nathan Smith

Head of Wealth Management


Ben Arnold

Head of Accounting

Susan Banks

Senior Accountant

Jason Popple

Senior Accountant

Julie Lockley

Senior Accountant

Wealth Advisors

Nathan Smith

Head of Wealth Management

Laura Cano

Wealth Assistant

Melissa Taylor

Client Wealth Coordinator

Support Team

Lyndall Munro

Corporate Services & Admin Manager

Gemma Mealin

Client Services Coordinator

Sophie Davie

Client Support

ChangeGPS Team

For years, many other accountants have loved our style, our client reports, and our ways of helping our clients to succeed. So to help other accountants to help their clients, we've licensed out our ways of doing things to accounting firms throughout Australia! 

Why ChangeGPS?

We help make it easier to run a great accounting firm! 

  • Re-think what it is to be an Accountant 
  • Re-invigorate your Desire / Passion Embrace Tech like never before Enable you to 
  • Re-Engage your Team How does ChangeGPS do this?

How does ChangeGPS do this?

We re-think and create great stuff that: 

  • Is simple to put in place (like a very quick F1 pitstop) 
  • Is easy to put your team in the driving seat Really works. 
  • We mean, really! 

What is ChangeGPS? Perfect tools. Brilliant people.

The "GPS" stands for Growth Profit System. ChangeGPS is a web based intranet with all of the template letters, processes, reports, and systems that modern accounting firms need to properly assist and advise their clients. Change Accountants & Advisors is the "R & D Lab" for ChangeGPS, and currently over 170 accounting firms across Australia subscribe to ChangeGPS.

Who's in the ChangeGPS team?

Mikala Batty

Head of Operations

Trevor Denford

Client Relationship Manager

Cornel Grobbelaar

Software Development Engineer

Lynda Mitchell

Client Services Coordinator

Joshua Davie

Tech Support + Software Engineer

Letitia Widmann

Client Services Coordinator

Jungwoo Lee

Tech Support + Software Engineer